Mariela Hosomaki: Instruments for performance

Mariela Hosomaki was a live one-to-one gastronomic performance at the Hatch Nights 1-2-1¬†event at Primary in Nottingham. Part of the ongoing practice-led research in participatory performance in hybrid space, the artist performed as digital avatar Mariela in a wearable sculpture holding over 100 pieces of… Read More

Grand Union: Emily Warner and Rebecca Gamble

Emily Warner and Rebecca Gamble Grand Union, Birmingham, UK. Utilising the gallery as an incubation and focussed experimentation space for collaborative practice, Warner and Gamble devised a new language of gesture, live action and physical response. Examining interests in the intimacy of personal relationships and… Read More

PLATE Exhibition

The PLATE (Product Lifetimes And The Environment) Exhibition at Nottingham Trent University explored critical themes related to how long products last in contemporary society. The topic of product longevity was examined in innovative ways through prototypes, objects, artefacts, posters, photographs and films produced by designers,… Read More